The-Shield-Of-Three-Lions-By-Pamela-KaufmanAre you looking for a breath-taking medieval story, a fairy tale? Then take a look at The Shield of Three Lions, a wonderful fantasy novel by none other than the lovely Pamela Kaufman, a best-selling and award-winning author. Alix is an 11-year-old girl, and she's the daughter of a baron, a powerful, wealthy man. His lands are considered to be one of the best ones in England.

However, soon, they murder her whole family and take control over their properties, forcing the girlie to run for her life. Yes, she's running away from the only place she's ever called home. She's got a way out of this mess: she can plead her case to the king himself, the Lion Heart, and hope to get her lands back. But, the man is not in the country right now - he's somewhere in France, getting ready to start the Crusade.

Alix has no other choice but to follow him, so, she dresses as a young boy, cuts her beautiful hair and arrives in London. She manages to befriend the King and even becomes one of his favorite people on planet Earth. Yet, when the war in Jerusalem begins, Alix's life turns into a constant battle against the enemies of the crown. Will she be able to survive the horrors of war and get back home safe and sound? Read The Shield of Three Lions and find out!

This is a beautifully written, rich, layered, highly addictive and entertaining book, and if you're a fan of historical/medieval epic tales, Alix will become one of your most loved and cherished characters ever! The historical details are highly accurate and the story is superb, which makes you feel like you're back in time and a big part of this medieval tale.

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