Are you a big fan of blood-chilling fantasy with werewolves, coyotes, evil vampires, shapeshifters and ancient prophecies? Well, if you are, then make sure to check out Silence Fallen, a brand-new bestseller by the lovely Patricia Briggs.

Mercy has been living the dream: she had a mate and a pack, but, when that ever-strong bond was broken, she learned the hard way what it means and how it feels to be completely alone in this world. She was brutally attacked and kidnapped by the greatest and most powerful bloodsucker on planet Earth, and now he's holding her in his clutches. He wants to use her both as leverage and as a weapon to fight Adam, the alpha werewolf, and the king of the Tri-Cities vamps.

Thankfully, Mercy manages to escape while shifted into a coyote, but she ends up all alone right in the center of Europe. The girl has no clothes, no food, no money - nothing. She has no way of reaching out to her beloved and/or the rest of her wolf pack either - she's on her own. That means Mercy will have to quickly find new allies to stick with and to defend herself from the enemies that are lurking in the shadows.

Yet, it's not gonna be that easy to figure out who's the enemy and who's the friend. Centuries-old powers are vigilant, and ancient conspiracies are about to start a war between the wolves and the vampires, so, Mercy will have to do everything in her power not to provoke either one of the sides. Prague is a beautiful, breath-taking city, but the lost coyote has no time to admire the view. She's running from the vicious vampires and is trying to find her way back to the man she loves, the pack she trusts and the place that she calls home...

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