It's 1993, right after the collapse of the once-mighty Soviet Union. Stone and his trusty squad have been deep undercover for weeks, doing vital reconnaissance work in Colombia - both in the jungles and out in the streets. They've got a mission to complete: find the head honcho of the most brutal and ferocious drug cartel Hefe and put him down.

It took the team a while to locate the tyrant and to figure out a way to reach him, but, in order for Stone to get close to his target and deliver that deadly blow, he'll have to reveal his true identity, his face. Yes, it's a huge risk and he might not make it back home; yet, there's no other way, and the agent is willing to try his luck. At the end of the day, only the drug lord will see his face and then he'll die. Well, that's what Nick was hoping for. Fast-forward to 2012: Stone is in Moscow, and he's partially off-duty and married to Anna, a wonderful girl, the one from his dreams.

They've got a new-born kid that Nick adores and can't imagine his life without. However, the peaceful, tranquil life soon comes to an end, when the boy becomes sick and the doc that treats him comes under huge threats. Stone gets back to that hazardous routine of an agent and right into the firing line.

His cover is about to be blown any second now, so, he travels all the way to Hong Kong, into the beast's den - the Triad-controlled zones - and, once again, becomes a part of a crazy and brutal world. The only thing that he can counterpoise the enemy's guns, cars, goons and endless resources are his heart, mind, dedication, training and experience. And, he's got Anna and the kid to protect. Silencer is an all-action, fast-paced and suspenseful thriller like no other. Andy McNab, a former SAS agent, knows exactly how to get the readers hooked up.

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