Silver-Linings-By-Debbie-MacomberWelcome to the captivating Rose Harbor Inn, where the charming innkeeper, Jo Marie, and 2 of her guests are looking for eternal happiness and healing - both physical and mental. Debbie Macomber's brand-new book is full of hope, love, and beauty. After you read this novel, you'll learn that every single cloud in the sky comes with a silver lining, even if you can't see it at first.

Jo Marie and Mark, the man who works for her, have always been good friends, but lately, their feelings have turned into something entirely different. Still, he refuses to talk about his past, and the girl doesn't really know the first thing about him. Soon, when he informs her that he decided to leave, she almost breaks down and cries, because he was the first man that she could love and open up to - and now he's leaving!

However, Mark's decision is not as trivial as it seems, and, when the girl learns the biggest secret about him, 2 new guests arrive. The 2 friends returned to town to celebrate their high school reunion and to figure out what to do next with their lives. Kellie is seeking to say everything she never said to the fella who broke her heart once, while the other girl, Katie, dreams about meeting her previous man who she still has feelings for.

The girls are hoping to find happiness in this town, a 2nd chance from fate. Silver Linings is a magical, uplifting and heart-warming novel about forgetting the past and walking towards the future, the unexpected. It's a feel-good tale that talks about love and hope in a unique, delightful manner that makes you feel like the author is talking directly to you.

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