Simple Steps to Success: Fruit and Vegetables in Pots

fruit-and-vegetables-in-potsUsing a combination of easily accessible information and inspiring photographs, the Simple Stepsseries promotes gardening as a real pleasure rather than a back-breaking chore.

In Fruit and Vegetables in Pots, learn simple steps to growing and nurturing your own fruits and vegetables in containers.

This book packs so much information into every page, that it's astounding. Beautiful photos give great ideas for garden setups, and are set up perfectly with helpful text areas that describe not just how to do what is in the photo, but how you can do ti even BETTER. From seed starting, to buying plant types, this book covers a multitude of methods for starting your garden. My favorite parts were the areas that listed off some of the best strains to use, and what benefits they provided.

Also of great help is the image gallery of various common plant diseases and damage. Made a great reference guide for identifying early problems, and it even gave solutions for these. (This saved my plants from an early nitrogen deficiency, that would've killed them within a couple of weeks)

This book is perfect for those starting container gardens, and still extremely helpful for those doing a regular garden. I'd love to see it cover "companion" planting in more detail, but seriously, this was a great value as it was. If you're questioning whether to buy it or not, don't. Just get it, you will not regret the purchase.

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