Reid's granddad decided to make him the honcho of his mighty empire with one crazy condition: the guy has to marry a girl and bring two kiddos into this world. Yep, that's the old man's request! Well, it kinda sucks for Reid that he just divorced his wife and has only one child. He's a struggling single dad who's trying to make sense of it all and figure out what's next.

And that's when Sandra, his wife's (ex-wife's, to be precise) BFF, moves into the neighborhood. Now, the girl is hot, sexy and smart, but, for some reason, she can't get herself to stop staring at the man. He's just a mechanic right now, so, it's obvious that she doesn't want his money. Reid is walking around with no shirt on, as if he doesn't even have one, and keeps looking at her with those dark, insane eyes.

Common sense claims that this guy is the last man on planet Earth that she should be messing around with. True, he is as handsome as they come, has big, strong, powerful hands that can sweep Sandra off her feet in a matter of seconds and a wonderful smile. But hey - trouble, hassle, and drama are not really what she's looking for. Sandra hoped that she'll find peace in the new neighborhood, not some hot, messy fling.

However, there's a problem, a big one: the girl did something stupid a while ago - she told her wealthy, obnoxious moms and pops that she's engaged to a rich fella, and, obviously, the oldsters want to meet him. ASAP. So, that means Reid is pretty much the only man that can help her out in this insane situation. Single Dad Next Door is a funny, romantic, sexy and exciting erotic novel that features two amazing main characters that you'll love cheering for.

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