Deacon, the main character of this steaming hot story, is on the clock: he has one short month to find himself a bride; otherwise, he'll lose his daughter, and the man simply can't let that happen. The judge claims that a big-bad tattoo artist is simply not capable of being a good father to a little girl, but that's all just a bunch of BS.

So, his lawyer tells him to find a nice bride - that's all it's gonna take the old chap to believe he's ready to take care of the baby. As it happens, Deacon has just the right young woman in mind, and she might even be the closest thing to a perfect girl for him. But there are two problems. First of all, she's his sis's BFF, and second, she kinda hates him. He decides to drop the bombshell right onto her pretty little head, but she gets all kinds of angry and almost slaps the smirk off his face.

Rita knows exactly what kind of a man he is and is used to him constantly teasing her with all kinds of inappropriate offers, but a marriage proposal is just too much, even for him. Besides, she's about to turn 30, and there are no solid men on the horizon - none. And finally, she's always had a big, stupid crush on Deacon, even though he never knew about it.

Next, he claims that it's not a joke and that his daughter's fate depends on her decision. She knows she has to say no to him, especially given the fact that he's always treated her badly. But, on the other hand, how can she refuse to help a loving, caring father and his cute little kid? Single Dad's Bride is a stunning fake marriage novel that mixes romance and erotica into a delicious combination that's both funny and smutty. Melinda Minx knows how to hit that "sweet spot", that's for sure!

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