Dean is a dashing billionaire, and when Camille was in a lot of trouble with a drunken and abusive former boyfriend, he came to her rescue like a knight in a shining armor. Next, he kidnapped her and kept her in the basement of his gorgeous apartment. Wait, what? It's an exciting journey for the girl, and it doesn't feel like he's a maniac who wants to do all kinds of crazy things to her.

He simply likes the girl and wants her to be his wife. What's wrong about that? Nothing, actually, but her ex is not really happy with what's about to happen and is ready to risk everything just to separate the two from each other. Dean is a good-looking, cocky, haughty man - that's what Camille thought of him when she first laid eyes on the guy at the bar. He's got some pretty serious intentions for her, and, once he's got his mind set on something, this bloke won't rest until he sees it done.

He grabbed her on her way to the motel, put her in his car and claimed she's his hostage. He's not keeping her in the basement, of course, but it still feels like she's been abducted by an obsessive billionaire (which is exactly what happened), and that's turning Camille on and making the young woman fantasize about a life with the man. Being a fiancé so that his adorable baby girl and siblings don't suspect what's truly going on - that's his end game.

Oh, and he also told her that he'd never set her free until he's 100% sure she's done with her ex. She's terrified of what that psycho might do to her and staying at the rich guy's mansion seems like the most logical thing to do. When Dean is with her, it feels like everything's possible and nothing bad can happen. Who knows, maybe she's already fallen in love with her future husband? Single Dad's Hostage is a full-length romantic novel with a happy ending and a thrilling plot. The chemistry is amazing, and the sex scenes are off-the-charts!

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