Aubrey's billionaire slash alpha-male boss wants her to do something absolutely nuts for him: he asks her to pretend to be his fake fiancé! And the young woman can't say no to his proposition, as that would result in him losing his baby girl - his daughter - and Aubrey losing her job.

All she has to do to keep it is to wear a stupid (it's quite beautiful, actually) ring on her finger for one full month. Can't be that hard, now can it? Well, it can, especially when she finds herself falling in love with the perfect guy that Liam turns out to be. He's unbelievably handsome, powerful, influential and, again, rich as f*ck. Aubrey is his housekeeper, and, as far as the best jobs in the world go, hers is right there among the greatest ones in history.

First of all, she gets to enjoy his super-big mansion, and second, even though she does have to look after his adorable daughter and mom, it doesn't feel like a big responsibility, as they're pretty much like family to her. And one more thing: he wasn't around until recently, which meant she had the whole house to herself. But he is now, and he looks like he just had GQ magazine take photos of him.

He puts her heart, soul, and everything in between on fire and makes her blush in a matter of seconds. Yes, he's the most attractive man Aubrey has ever met, and now that he offered her to be his fake woman, she can't help but wonder: what if they could be together for real? True, she is a 22-year-old virgin, and he's a handsome billionaire, but so what? She's been through enough to know that he is the one and only man for her. Single Dad's Virgin is thrilling, exciting, and, of course, insanely hot. If you love top-of-the-line romantic novels, this one's a keeper!

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