They're calling C. G. Cooper one of the greatest new voices in the political action/thriller genre, so, if you're a big fan, you'll have an awesome experience with Sins Of The Father, the man's latest bestseller. This is one of those page-turners that glue you to your cozy seat and make you read till the sun comes up.

Cal is having a blast with his life in Charlottesville: it's a nice, sunny, peaceful day, but the perfect picture is ruined when a fancy new Maserati jumps right at him, swerves at the very last second and hits a big tree on the road. The man is quick to run to the crashed car to help the person behind the wheel. The driver is about to die, but, before he passes away, the stranger says to Cal - "Eyes On The Prize". Yes, he most definitely knew him, but how?

And what did that cryptic phrase mean? That's for Stokes and his elite team of operatives to figure out, and those 4 words are about to flip the game. The Jefferson Group is known only to a small bunch of high-ranking folks in the US government, and Cal is a natural-born leader. But even his top-notch squad doesn't know what to do in a situation like this. Soon, they find themselves chasing after bad guys while on the clock.

There's a new enemy on the horizon that might just be Cal's most dangerous foe to date. The Corps Justice series has been around for a while - there are 14 books in total. But Sins Of The Father is not just another installment in the franchise. No, it's full of action, adrenaline, tension, suspense, and drama. If you love political slash military thrillers that come with charismatic characters and blood-chilling plots, make sure to grab a copy.

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