SIRACUSA2Siracusa is one of those books that you know you'll like even if you're not a fan of this genre. It's a universal story that will touch the hearts and minds of simple folks who cherish love, passion, compassion and an emotional connection. It's a modern-day drama about two marriages and one kid that go through a test that will determine whether they are strong enough to hold on to each other or not. A casual trip to Italy is destined to change their lives and their minds, change the way they look at their loved ones. Siracusa is a tale about lies, big secrets, enormous love, new emotions and new heights. The main characters will have to figure themselves out, find the things that really matter to them and try to do the right thing, against all odds. If you're a fan of family dramas that honestly talk about all the problems that married people go through, then you'll fall in love with this book as soon as you read the first few pages. It's a really amazing novel, written by Delia Ephron, one of the greatest authors in contemporary literature.

Citizens of New York, Michael, and his spouse Lizzie decide to take a trip to Italy with their close friends - Finn, Taylor, and Snow - their 10-year-old daughter. And that's when the story begins. These two families will have to deal with their feelings in the past and in the present and fight their inner demons. Treachery, infidelity, lies - it all comes to the surface. Snow, who's just a child, becomes a part of this devastating collision between two couples, she becomes the "trigger", the catalyst for destruction.

Siracusa is a powerful book about marriage, friendship, human emotions and the ability to forget and to forgive. It's a true psychological thriller that has a shocking twist at the end that you will never see coming.

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