Skin-By-Patrick-LoganThe supernatural Insatiable Series includes 4 blood-chilling novels that topped the international sales charts and keep popping up in all kinds of lists years after the release. Patrick Logan created a horrifying, violent and uncanny franchise that you won't be able to forget long after you put the books down. Skin is the first chapter, and the critics are saying that the fans of King and/or Barker will definitely love it.

The writing is brilliant, the narrative is suspenseful, and the tension keeps rising to the very last page. Plus, it's also fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping and gripping, which means it's a 100% page-turner. Askergan County is rumored to be just the perfect spot on the map for a nice winter get-away. Not a lot of folks know about this place, but it's still a wonderful resort. This is a quiet, peaceful territory, and the locals don't really know what crime means anymore.

They don't even have regular cops on the streets, for God's sake! Only the sheriff and 2 of his trusted deputies who are only good for two things: breaking up stupid fights between drunken people at the bar and handing out those parking tickets. However, when the storm hits, everything changes. A scary blizzard rushes towards the county and traps Cody and his fam inside their own home.

At first, the only problem to deal with is the cold. But soon the residents of Askergan realize that the snow is child's play compared to what's hiding behind the storm. Something terrifying, something evil is coming for them, and there's no escape. The lights go out and the cell phones don't work anymore. So, the only chance for Cody and his loved ones to survive is to join forces with the sheriff and face the monsters...

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