Slices of Night is a riveting mystery/suspense thriller with more than a few twists, turns and "Wow!" moments. The story follows a psychopath killer who manages to always stay "under the radar" and flee the murder scene way before the cops arrive. He's constantly moving around the country and throttles the innocent folks who get lured into his shadows.

Three investigators are simultaneously working on the case 24/7, trying to crack it and to put the psycho down. Stacy is a detective with the NO Police, Taylor is a homicide "hound" from Nashville, and Maggie is from the Bureau. These fine officers have been through a lot, and they managed to put the most notorious killers behind bars. However, this criminal is different, and nobody has ever been able to grab him.

So many have tried, but they've all failed. Will he be able to "dupe" the best of the best, or will they be the ones who can finally crush him? The greatest thing about Slices of Night is that it's written not by one, but three best-selling and critically-acclaimed authors, and we, the readers, get to enjoy their unique, engaging writing styles in one book!

This is a "sneak peek" into three different people, three professionals who use their own experience and skillz to track the killer down. It's safe to say that Slice of Night is one of the greatest thrillers out there, as you've got three different perspectives on the same events and quite an action-charged, fast-paced and winding narrative. If you love to spend sleepless nights trying to figure out who the murderer is and where he'll strike next, make sure to grab a copy of Slices of Night and enjoy. Just make sure to go to bed before it's too late!

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