small-great-things-by-jodi-picoultJodi Picoult, one of the biggest best-selling authors of our time, is back with a riveting new drama, a new gripping story that will make heads turn. This is a powerful novel about inequality, race, the social ladders and the way this world works. You could say Small Great Things is a deep, revealing portrait of a major American vice - racism. It's not a provocative book or just your regular shocking story to create some buzz.

No, Jodi Picoult delivers a heart-wrenching, honest, refreshing look at what's really going on in this country. Ruth, the main character of the story, is working as a labor and delivery nurse, and she's been doing it for more than 2 decades. During her regular shift, she starts the usual checkup on the newborn kids, but a couple of minutes later they tell her that she's reassigned - the parents of the child are extremely racist and don't want a black woman to even touch their newborn.

Naturally, the hospital doesn't raise a red flag. However, the next day, when the poor infant goes into cardiac distress, Ruth is the only one in the nursery room. So, what does she do? Try and save the child, or stay out of trouble and leave it alone? Ruth hesitates with the CPR, and that is a serious crime in America.

They assign a white public defender to Ruth's case, and she advises her not to mention that she's a black woman, because that won't "slide" in the courtroom. Slowly, but steadily, the case becomes a nation-wide sensation, and Ruth tries to do everything in her power not to go crazy. This is an intelligent, profound, powerful novel by one of the greatest American writers. A fundamental book that's worth the biggest praise.

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