Mia is a nice, modest, lovely young woman, but she's got a "dark" side that nobody knows about: she loves older men and wants a partner that will take care of her. Lucas, a big, bulky, shredded ex-Navy SEAL is exactly what she's been looking for, and, even though he's trouble for her, it takes Mia one look at his masculine body to know that she wants him - now and forever.

She knows that a girl like herself shouldn't be messing around with an alpha male like Lucas. But who says that you can't go after your dreams and indulge your own desires? Besides, she's been staying home taking care of her sick dad, so that means she deserves a little bit of fun. As soon as Lucas walked into her life, Mia was conquered, and all the soldier had to do was take her into his bed.

She can't get him out of her head and keeps fantasizing about him taking off her clothes and devouring every inch of her young, sweet body. Yes, he's a bad-boy alright, but Mia knows that deep down he's a decent, loving, caring guy, and that's exactly why she falls for him. He's a single dad and is forced to work for a flower shop to take care of his son. He's the most important person in the world for Lucas.

At the same time, he's crazy about her too; he's just a bit confused at first when she gives him all those signals. He's been out of the game for a while now, and this tiny sexy princess is driving him nuts - in all the right ways. She's been a very bad girl, and she needs her daddy to teach her a lesson. Small Town Daddy is a filthy, dirty and provocative erotic novel, a dark romance. It comes with steamy, smutty sex scenes and bad language. If that's your cup of tea, then you'll have tons of fun with B. B. Hamel's latest masterpiece.

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