smolder-by-melinda-minxHis name is Coal, and he's an ex-navy SEAL. He's a walking talking killing machine and loves 3 things: fighting, hunting the prey and fishing. Oh, and there's one more thing: this guy knows how to handle women and make them scream louder than ever. Yet, he never stays for long - only one night. That's his motto if you will, and he really feels a connection, even though he's been with more than enough girls.

Well, there's always time for a change, and when Andrea knocks on his door, all frozen up and cold, he can't stop staring at her. She's just the perfect girl, and, after he warms her up properly, he takes her to his bed and makes her feel his hospitality, so to speak. But, when Coal wakes up in the morning, the mysterious babe is gone.

Wait, that's his style - leaving while the "bed mates" are sleeping, and, for the first time in his life, the navy playboy can't get a one-night-stander out of his head. She's completely gorgeous and those green eyes are something to die for. The next time the guy sees her, some moron is choking her to death, and Coal snaps: next thing that happens is the soldier is sitting in the back of a police car with the prick's blood all over his hands.

Soon it turns out that the only way out for him is a marriage with the girl of his dreams. Yep, and that's not even what's surreal: Coal WANTS to take Andrea as his wife - he can't wait for it to happen! Smolder is a sexy, witty and romantic novel with a hot playboy, a delicious babe and a happy ending. As far as perfect Christmas books go, Melinda Minx's brand-new bestseller is right there among the top contestants.

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