Smooth-Operator-By-Stuart-WoodsStuart Woods is a well-known international best-selling author, and he's back with a brand-new series that features one of his classic characters - Teddy Fay. If you've been a fan of this writer's books, then you must definitely remember this guy. In Smooth Operator, the current President of the United States, Kate Lee, summons Barrington, the main character of the novel, to the White House to discuss a very urgent matter. The man will have to handle a potentially catastrophic situation that even he can't deal with on the proper level.

So, what does he do? Luckily, he knows a fella who is just perfect for this kind of thing - Mr. Teddy Fay. He used to serve in the CIA, which automatically means he's the right pick for a delicate matter like this. No other man in the world has the same level of expertise and the experience needed to take care of a mess like that.

However, Teddy has a...unique set of rules - he never follows the official rules of the Agency and prefers to get the job done while following his own set of principles. At the end of the day, Smooth Operator is just the perfect start for a new, amazing series. It's action-packed, full of mighty twists, turns, and comes with tons of hilarious jokes.

Stuart Woods has an enormous fan base that's been with him for a couple of decades, and that's why the new novel is already a 100% hit! It's intense, suspenseful, smart, and, most importantly, entertaining. If you're up for a wild ride and love nothing more than an exciting adventure that's packed with unbelievable plot twists, steaming romance and a full load of personality, then Smooth Operator is just the right book for you this summer.

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