snow-by-cora-brentThe Gentry Boys are back, ladies! Yes, those tall, handsome fellas with abs, big mouths, and killer smiles are here to turn your Christmas into a merry one. If you're longing for that holiday mood, rest assured that this sweet, passionate and sexy story will do the trick for ya. The Gentry brothers, Stone and Conway, have a lot on their plates this Christmas, and the big day is approaching faster than ever.

The life of a newlywed has its fair share of challenges and needs some getting used to. Plus, there's the business that they're in charge of. Furthermore, there's a baby on the way, not to mention a blizzard is threatening to hit the desert, which is quite a rare thing to witness. At the same time, ghosts from the past long-buried are back, and they want to take everything away from the brothers, everything that they've been working so hard to get.

And that means they'll have to "crash-test" their bond and their hopes for the future. Cora Brent did a wonderful job with Snow and delivered an amazing family saga to enjoy on the upcoming holiday. Get ready to shed some tears, laugh out loud, guess and second-guess throughout the book. This is quite a gripping and thrilling story, and you might just forget about the rest of the world when you start reading it.

The characters are awesome, the plot is suspenseful and the finale is breath-taking. SNOW is about family, never-breaking bonds, brotherhood and doing the right thing. The brothers are confronted by the past, and they'll only be able to "beat" it if they stay strong together and trust each other. Will they be able to do that? Read Cora Brent's latest bestseller and find out!

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