snow-angel-cove-by-raeanne-thayneRaeAnne Thayne made a name for herself in the literary world with the bestselling Haven Point series - it's warm, charming, touching and romantic. As for Snow Angel Cove, it's the very first installment in the trilogy. Welcome to a tiny cute town that's full of awesome surprises. Christmas is near, but Eliza, the main character of the story, is not really in the mood for cheering.

Why is that, exactly? Well, unfortunately, the job that she had so many hopes for is no more, and now she's forced to stay in a strange small town. She's stuck here, and nothing seems to lighten her mood. The girl is desperate, as she's almost got no money in her pockets. It's clear that Eliza is in desperate need of a hero, and he does come around, but, before he steals her heart and invites her into a wonderful world full of magic and love, he nearly runs her over with his vehicle!

The guy's name is Aidan, and he's what they call a tech genius. At first, he's just trying to say he's sorry by trusting her with the renovation of his guest lodge. But soon, he starts to fall in love with her, and, even though he tries to hide it, he can't really control what he's feeling towards her.

He's been focused on his work for quite a long time, and he would have never guessed that a girl like Eliza could make his life so much more exciting. He's in love, like a teenage boy, and he's ready to put everything on the line only to be next to her. And what about her? Is she feeling the same way? Snow Angel Cove by the lovely RaeAnne Thayne is a magnificent novel that makes you believe in miracles. It's sweet, heartfelt, moving and uplifting.

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