snowfall-on-heaven-point-by-raeanne-thayneRaeAnne Thayne delivers a heart-warming, captivating, uplifting story about two strangers who are destined to be together. They meet during the holidays and almost instantly fall in love. Andrea, the heroine of this wonderful story, is slowly, but steadily recovering from her husband's death and all she really wants right now is to see her kids get back on their feet and help them have a wonderful experience in Haven Point.

However, all her plans are "threatened" when Wyn, her closest friend, asks her to keep an eye on Marshall, the local Sheriff and Wyn's brother, who's been in an unfortunate accident and is taking some time off. Andie is ready to do whatever her closest friend asks of her, so, she puts her own dreams on hold and agrees to stick around and do the best she can to help the guy get better.

Marshall, in turn, has never been a fella who loves to be taken care of, and the worst thing in the world for him is to feel weak and defenseless. And he doesn't really like the feelings that Andrea is waking up in him. But, when a fierce blizzard leaves them no choice but to stick together for the time being, Marshall begins to really like the girl and a fire starts burning deep inside. Andie is like a God-sent for him - her gentle, tender nature brings a smile to his face, and the way that her children cheer for the long holidays make him fall in love with this family.

The only problem is - neither Marshall nor Andrea can make themselves admit how they really feel about each other. Their Christmas wishes are the same - to be together, so, maybe it's time to join forces and to make it all come true? This is a wonderful romantic novel for all the ladies to enjoy. It's fun, smart, charming and touching.

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