Tyson has just broken up with his woman, and, in order to get custody of his boy, he needs to find a girl and marry her - ASAP. That way, he'll boost his chances by showing that he's a family man. He's got just the right girl in mind, Jo. A fake marriage is what he needs to convince the prick-of-a-judge, yet, not everything about it will be fake.

He's been in love with her since high school. Or, at least, he's always wanted to take her. She's a good, honest, kind young woman, and a cocky moron like Tyson doesn't really deserve her. But that doesn't stop him from executing his plan: to get married to the girl of his dreams, spend some "quality time" with her, get his son and then divorce her. But it's not really going to be that easy.

Jo knows all too well that Ty is a scumbag and a pig who wants nothing from her but her body and her help with his kiddo's custody. Back in high school, she used to have a huge crush on this playboy, and she still has feelings for him. At the same time, it's obvious that he doesn't even know the first thing about it. So, common sense is telling Jo to walk away from this messy arrangement and to avoid all the drama that will most certainly follow.

Yet, for some reason, she can't decline his offer. He's like her drug, the addiction that she can't fight. Will she be able to change him and turn the vagabond into a family man, or is he just using her to get what he wants? Kelley Harvey is back with a brand-new panty-melting bestseller. Steaming hot sex scenes, an intense, exciting plot and a great sense of humor - what else is there to wish for?!

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