soda-politics-by-dr-marion-nestleDr. Marion Nestle dedicated her whole life to writing books about the food industry, the food giants, their policies and what it all means for us - the regular folks. As you could've guessed from the title, Soda Politics is talking about the insanely popular soda drinks and revealing the real truth behind them. It's safe to say that sodas are mesmerizing: they cost practically a penny to produce, as they consist only of water and sugar, but, at the same time, they make hundreds of millions of dollars for the likes of Coca-Coca and Pepsi.

Pretty much every single human being on planet Earth tasted a soda drink once, or, at least, heard about it. The marketing departments call them refreshing, crispy, live-changing, et cetera, et cetera; but nobody mentions that excessive consumption of sodas leads to bad teeth, obesity, and all kinds of serious conditions, like diabetes and such. So, what can we do to fight back? Simply not drink them!

Numerous folks around the world nowadays really like drinking soda, because it gives them the necessary "edge" to keep up with the craziness that goes on around them, but, again - a habit like that can and does have pretty dire consequences. So, the biggest question is - how did the international giants managed to create a line-up of products that cost almost nothing but still generate insane yearly profit? The answer is in Soda Politics!

If you want to learn about the whole process and understand how it all works, this book is the right pick for you. The corporate giants made us all think that soda is better than water. Nestle, a world-esteemed food/nutrition expert, shows us that they're spending billions of dollars on making their product look cool, and, once they've done that, they practically swarm the world with all kinds of sodas, never caring about public health.

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