sold-highest-bidder-by-willow-wintersIsaac, the main character of Sold, a brand-new dark erotic romance from the best writers in the genre, was just a little boy when he saw his mom die right in front of his eyes. That tragic event changed him, turned him into a cold-hearted, hard fella, a control freak - in everything. His sexual desires are dark, and some might even call them perverted, but he doesn't really care about what people think.

Yes, he's interested in submission - the darkest kind - and he's out looking for the perfect "prey". He's been looking for the perfect girl, someone who's got the same kind of emptiness and broken heart as he does. Only when the submissive becomes ready to trust him 100% and give up control over herself will he be able to help her forget the pain. After years of searching, he finally found her - Katia, the ideal "partner".

It took him one look at her curvy body, seductive lips, and amazing charisma to forget about everything else in the world. It's been a while since Isaac wanted a woman so much. She's the only thing that he can think about, and he's set on making her his slave. The girl is stronger than she thinks she is, and only he can set her free from the pain of the past. Trust goes hand in hand with domination; complete control can't be achieved without it.

So, he only needs one chance to grab her attention and never let go. And the moment she steps on that stage, Isaac knows that she's going to be his. Katia can forget about all her struggles, troubles and sleepless nights...Sold is a full-length erotic novel with just the right amount of darkness to turn the readers on. Willow Winters is the best writer in the genre, and together with Lauren Landish, she managed to write a true masterpiece, a novel that you can't put down.

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