Maxim, a big-time rich bad-boy, is a member of a super-secret billionaire's club. The club holds a fancy Valentine's Day auction every single year. And no, it's not for charity, a good cause or anything like that. They're selling virgins out there. Celeste, the new girl on that stage, pretty much conquered the hearts, minds and other body parts of the bidders, but Maxim is determined to win.

From the second he laid eyes on her, he knew she was worth it. The innocence in her eyes, the perfect curvy body, those lush lips - everything about her kept calling to the billionaire and made him go crazy about her. Cash is not a problem - there's tons of that stuff around here - and the highest bidder takes the girl away and makes her his slave. Max has a gorgeous cabin somewhere in Aspen, and it's ideal for a sexy getaway with a beauteous young lady like Celeste.

Walk around the beautiful nature, have some drinks and screw all night long - what could be possibly better? This guy doesn't do dates, romantic dinners and all that nonsense: Valentine's Day is just an opportunity for him to snatch a bimbo like this one and take her for a long, hard ride. For a man like Max, the routine, casual sex doesn't cut it anymore.

He's into that dark, BDSM stuff, and he's ready to do whatever it takes to have Celeste tied up in his bedroom and screaming out his name. A relationship, feelings, love? No, not for this rich fella. He's all about that mighty dollar and treats women like toys. The girl is just a 19-year-old teenager, but that's exactly what draws the lone wolf towards her. Juliana's novel comes with a dominant bad-boy, a sexy young lady, and a happy ending. It's sexy, steamy, smutty and everything else in between.

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