someone-like-you-by-barbara-brettonMark and Mimi used to be the greatest couple in the history of folk rock, the strongest, most unforgettable team ever. They were real icons in the music industry, and everybody in show-business admired their love for each other. The best magazines used to cover their story, until one day Mark just left the love of his life, along with two beautiful baby girls. Just like that, out of the blue, so that nobody could stop him.

Thirty years later, those two adorable kids turned into grown women with their fair share of problems, struggles, and, of course, love stories. Joely, the little sister, has been living in Scotland for a very long time now because she wanted to get away from all the painful memories that used to haunt her. On the other hand, Cat, the older sister, owns a knitting studio and a farm in the town where they grew up and where their dad left them - in Idle Point.

She doesn't really care about the past and only wants to look forward. As for Mimi, their mom, she's in a pretty bad shape now, and she's still waiting for her husband to come back knocking on the front door of what used to be their "love nest". And, when she has a troubling accident, the sisters leave everything behind and come back home.

Cat is pregnant, and Joely is forced to relieve all the childhood memories and to face the one and only thing that she's been trying to avoid - her own family. Someone Like You is an insightful, powerful, emotional novel that comes with rich, layered characters, masterful storytelling and a deep exploration of the widest range of human emotions. Barbara Bretton delivered an honest, bold, heart-wrenching story.

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