When she first laid eyes on him, it was a hot, steamy summer day and he was on the construction site right next to Lake's house. Manning was sweaty and dirty from all that work, but to her, he was the sexiest man in the whole world. He was much older than Lake, and experienced in all kinds of things. And she was just a young, careless girl with a funny t-shirt and an open mind.

She was practically a child compared to him - she hasn't even kissed before meeting the guy! Something strong and overwhelming drew them to each other and "linked 'em up" in ways that none of them could ever imagine. The bond was everlasting, and, despite their efforts to break away from each other, the love between them was epic, a once-in-a-lifetime thing.

Lake fell in love with Manning before she even knew what it felt like to love somebody. But, he said that she was too young and not a good match for him. She was ready to wait for him and he promised to do the same, even though he did want to rip her clothes off and take away her virginity. However, life isn't particularly fair, and they both learned it the hard way.

Falling in love with a person that you can't truly have is heartbreaking, and the consequences of such a "relationship" are devastating, to say the least. Lake was head over heels for the guy, and she was confident that nothing could ever come between us, but when her older sister came between Manning and Lake, everything started to collapse... Jessica Hawkins created a brilliant romantic novel slash dramatic saga with Something in the Way. It's poignant, moving, heart-breaking and thought-provoking.

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