A car bomb takes the life of an innocent young fella in a school's parking lot, and the cops think that it was a case of eco-terrorism based on the victim's description. However, it soon turns out that they're dealing with something far more dangerous and sinister.

Bernadette teams up with her man, the sergeant, and together they do everything in their power to get to the very bottom of this. Soon, they uncover a shady scheme to put a stop to the negotiations between two rivaling tribes and to escalate the already-dangerous situation. Joe, a hard-boiled, rough-tough and retired lieutenant, has been through a lot during his years as a police officer. He’s got more experience than any other cop out there.

And, as the investigation progresses, he starts to suspect that the recent bombing might have something to do with a case went cold that he dealt with many years ago. So, he joins forces with the police couple and they peel off all the layers behind the terror attack, only to learn the shocking truth: there's a meticulous and highly lethal killer on the loose, and he has just started to take lives.

It's not gonna be easy to track the psycho and bring him to justice, but if this trio fails, the city will be left defenseless...Anne Hillerman did a brilliant job with this mystery thriller and delivered a page-turning bestseller. By describing the beauty and magic behind Navajo Country - all the customs, traditions, strange rituals and myths - she invites the readers into a world full of wonders and dangers. Make sure to grab a copy of Song of the Lion if you love blood-chilling police procedurals.

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