Songs of Innocence, and Songs of Experience by William Blake

Songs-of-Innocence,-and-Songs-of-Experience-William-BlakePoems of William Blake require a careful and thoughtful reading (like every true poetry does). Let's speak about some of his poems, about their images, language, and plot. For example, let's look at the Shepherd poem. The theme of it is central to the whole cycle. It could not be better described as "the wayside". Moreover, you can find it a very important for the correct interpretation of Blake's poetry image of a shepherd (or the flock guardian), who literally defended his sheep. Sheep feel safe knowing that he is somewhere close. That relationship reflects the similar connection between people and God.

The echoing green
In this poem, Blake reveals his favorite method of writing. When he describes the earthly reality, he does it in philosophical images. And thus puts into simple things new content. In the poem, you will read about a cycle of life from the "dawn" to the "sunset", from birth to death. The main characters of this poem (children and old John) represent the two opposite poles of life. One of them came out of eternity, not so long ago and before another return to her very soon.

The little black boy
In this poem, the poet speaks against racial inequality. Although Blake defended the equality of all races and religions before God

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