Soothsayer-By-Mike-ResnickAre you longing for an A-grade space opera to dive into and forget about the rest of the world? Mike Resnick has just the perfect book! Soothsayer features unique, peculiar characters, a great story and tons of fun for the true fans of the genre. The Inner Frontier of the Cosmos is the most dangerous place out there, and it's "packed" with eerie, creepy folks that you should stay away from.

At the same time, it's safe to say that a 6-year-old girl, a moppet, is the strongest, most potent human/alien to ever roam the galaxy. Yep, that's true: she's the most dangerous entity on Frontier, but she doesn't really feel comfortable in her own skin. She has only one friend and heaps of fierce enemies who are either scared of her or simply despise the poor thing.

So, what’s it gonna be? Will she be able to fight her inner demons and find peace and tranquility in the harsh galaxy, or is she forever doomed to be chased and loathed? Soothsayer is the very first novel in the brand-new Oracle Trilogy. As far as analogies go, you could put Resnick's series right next to the legendary Firefly TV show. It's got that same warm vibe and will get you hooked up from the get-go.

Exciting, breathtaking journeys? Check. Lovable, unparalleled characters? Double check! If you love science fiction and space operas, you'll most definitely fall in love with Soothsayer and recommend it to your friends. Yes, it's that good, so, make sure not to miss out on a chance to enjoy one of the best books in the genre! Oh, and by the way, Mr. Mike Resnick is a true legend of modern-day literature and has more prestigious international awards than you could ever count, including 5 Hugos (with 37 nominations).

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