From the American best-selling author Robin Sloan, Sourdough does for the world of food what the acclaimed novel Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore did for the world of books...

Lois Clary is a talented young programmer who left Michigan to join a San Francisco-based robotics company, General Dexterity, as a software engineer. Like all young people starting off their way up to the gods of Silicon Valley, Lois doesn’t complain of the grinding work and long hours, but is starting to feel lonely of the rigorous demand at her work place. Her human contact is limited to the two immigrant brothers who run a neighborhood take-out joint from where she gets a delivery every night. But without warning, the brothers were forced to close up the shop and leave the country, but not before giving their gift to Lois - their culture, a sourdough starter. They told her to keep it alive, feed it, play music and most importantly, learn to bake with it.

Knowing nothing about food, she teaches herself to bake with her unused oven. Soon, she becomes popular around and is selling loaves to the chef at General Dexterity who urges her to bring them to the farmer’s market. Unfortunately, she finds it not welcoming to newcomers like her. In a lucky turn, she encountered the peculiar Mr. Marrow, who operates a utopian underground market doing all sorts of wild experiments with food. This opens a whole new world to her – a world that aims to fuse food and technology in an attempt to alter the food-scape.

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