Special-Agent-In-Charge-By-T-S-PaulThe Federal Witch series includes three kick-ass fantasy books that will be greatly appreciated by the real fans of funny, witty, sexy and action-packed novels. Special Agent in Charge is the third installment in the trilogy, and it introduces the "fresh-outta-the-oven" new boss for the Bureau's secret division. Agatha is the new agent in charge, and she's all set for a grand new adventure.

She's got a whole brigade of paranormal hunters/investigators, and together they're bound to create some buzz 'round. Recently, an innocuous werewolf kid has been brutally murdered, and the local agents have come to the conclusion that Slavery is still a big part of the world we're living in. So, the brand-new clique will have to fight lies, secrets, and corruption on their crusade towards justice for all the paranormals in America.

However, this time around, the stakes are super-high, and the enemies that Agatha will have to face are cruel, brutal and stronger than ever. One thing is clear: it won't be a "walk in the park", and the team needs to deliver their A-game. Otherwise, the whole operation will fail. Some mighty folks in the government don't want her plan to succeed, and they're ready to send whatever they can her way just to put a stop to her quest.

They're hiding in the shadows, and it's getting harder and harder for Blackmore to track them down. Do you have any idea what happens when the fierce hunters suddenly become the prey? Read this book and you'll find out! The "geeks" of the modern-day world LOVE T S Paul's hilarious series and are eagerly waiting for new stories to hit the bookshelves.

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