Speed Learning Secrets of NLP

speed-learningSome people think this book is about learning Med school level biology. It's not. Still others think it's about learning how to read cross eyed. It's not that either.
You will learn some stuff on how your brain is "wired", however.

Nor is it about miracle cures for those who want to give up after 20 minutes. You have to read and apply what is written here. Lack of implementation is the second biggest cause of failure. The biggest cause is not completing what you start.

Who this book is for: If you want to understand how your brain processes the information that you learn and how to use that to learn and remember things more easily then this is for you. If you want to keep your brain agile then this book is for you.

If you are prepared to implement what you learn here and practice until it becomes habit then it's for you. This is for those who are serious about improving how they use their brain.

Who it's not for is whiners, complainers and those who give up easily before they've even tried out what's written here. It's not for those who are close minded or already have fixed ideas about what they cannot do.

Speed Learning Secrets of NLP is a guide to learning HOW your brain understands and processes information and how you can utilise that knowledge to by pass the biggest barrier to Speed Learning. ..Your Conscious mind.

Learning has 3 major components. Your state of mind when you are learning; the techniques you use; practicing what you learn.

When you are in the classroom you get taught what to learn. You get used as a data dump for other people's ideas about what's important.

Speed learning secrets is what they don't teach you at school. This book will show you how to learn and how to remember more by teaching you how to use your whole brain.

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