spirit-horses-by-alan-s-evansShane, the main character of Spirit Horses, is happy with his life. He's a talented, world-acclaimed horseman who's enjoying the fresh air somewhere in the breathtaking hills of Tennessee. One day, a mysterious mustang appears on his farm, and soon Shane realizes that she's a spirit horse, a part of a wild, rare, astonishing herd that lives in the Shoshone reservation.

They say that these fascinating horses have a connection with the afterlife, and that's why they are considered to be sacred creatures. When a devastating tragedy happens, Shane almost completely loses his wish to live and nothing seems to make him happy anymore. However, he once made a promise to his son, and that's the only thing that wakes him up in the morning and keeps him going. The promise was to take the mustang to where she really belongs.

So, the hero embarks on a journey towards the unknown and links with a world that's ruled by traditions, ancient prophecies and other illogical, yet mesmerizing things. In this breath-taking new world, love is strong, but greed, hate, and anger are getting dangerously close. And, in order to keep the promise to his son, Shane will have to stand strong against an imminent threat and save these magnificent horses.

The tribe's legacy is at stake, not to mention his honor and destiny. The critics are calling this masterpiece by Alan S. Evans one of the biggest revelations in modern-day literature. If you want to experience something truly unique, deep, powerful and inspirational, make sure to link with Spirit Horses on a nice Friday evening.

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