split-second-by-douglas-e-richardsDouglas E. Richards is just the right man if you're looking for engrossing, gripping and thrilling science fiction that hooks up from the get-go. Split Second is one of the writer's finest books to date, and it's been a bestseller for months! Wouldn't it be great to send something back through time? Or, rather, back in time? And it's not a matter of days, hours, or even minutes.

No, you can only send an object back a second, or even less. Hey, is there really any use for that? The thing is - you won't be able to, say, win a lottery, take back something you said or right a huge wrong. Nathan, the main character of the book, is a genius-level scientist and he's confident that he finally figured out a way to send things back in time - a split second back.

However, just before he can officially brag about it to his soon-to-be-wife, Jenna, the two get into a colossal mess and will have to do everything in their power to stay alive. Time travel is something humanity has been dreaming of for centuries, and, even though Nathan can only "work" with less than a second, there are some powerful forces that are ready to murder to get the technology into their hands.

The fate of mankind is at stake, and Jenna is supposed to fight the evil forces back and help Nathan reveal the real truth behind it all. Split Second is a perfect science fiction novel that's both gripping and thrilling. Douglas E. Richards will make you stay up all night long and "consume" the story in one go. As far as game-changing page-turners go, this book is right there among the best of the best. Make sure not to oversleep - read the book on the weekend!

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