Justin, a classy playboy, a big fan of one-night stands, met Grace - a shy, modest, quiet girl. She's something of a huge nerd, but that even makes her more compelling for the guy. They feel a mutual attraction and give into a scorching passion that turns into something much bigger. None of them would ever expect to find a "soul mate" after a great night together, but sometimes we find our life partners in the most unusual circumstances.

She needed some training, and, even though Justin was kinda confused with her complete and total clumsiness, the fire between them was undeniable, and pretty soon he taught her not only how to grab a bat properly but to do all kinds of other things as well. Grace is a virgin, with no experience in love affairs and/or sex, and a guy like Justin was just the perfect "guide" into the world of pleasure.

She's 21, young innocent, beautiful and with a gorgeous smile. Some might call her a nerd, but she's actually pretty smart for her age and knows her way around many things. Sex is just not one of those things, but Justin is there to provide that "higher learning". For a guy who's been fooling around with the hottest ladies in town and beyond, a gorgeous girl with a curvy body is old news.

At the same time, there's something about her that makes him tick, something that sets her aside from all those beautiful yet shallow partners he had. What could be better than spending spring training together and learning a thing or two about each other? After all, they're both consenting adults! Spring Training is a sizzling-hot romantic novel about a bad-boy, a virgin and the all-consuming passion between them. Make sure to keep the kids away from this book, as it's strictly 18+ only!

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