Urban romance is the next big thing in literature, and it's already conquering the world at an ever-rapid pace. St. Pierre Boyz 3 is - yep, you've guessed it - the third chapter in the best-selling series by Mz. Lady P and continues the story of the swagged out bros. The fellas are back, and things are just as insane as they used to be, if not crazier.

There's a whole new line-up of enemies that want to take them down and grab their business. But the Boyz have been building their empire for years, and they're not about to let these thugs take it away. A lot of vagabonds out there think that the things that the St. Pierre gangstas have belong to them and are ready to do whatever it takes to crush their enterprise.

Never before have the brothers been under such pressure, but men like the St. Pierre homies work better when there are bullets flying from every corner and everything is at stake. The brick-strong bond, the wits, and resources will help them beat all their foes and show the streets once and for all that you don't mess with the kings of the jungle. These boys are peace-lovers and don't make much noise unless they're provoked.

However, when a bunch of scumbags tries to rob them of their wealth, power, influence and comes after their women, they turn into ruthless soldiers and rage war on the bad guys. The stakes are higher than ever, and one wrong move could result in the Boyz losing everything. St. Pierre Boyz 3 is an explosive mix of romance, drama, action, and thriller. If you loved the first two chapters in the franchise, you'll most definitely appreciate the third installment.

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