Greer, the main character of this novel, has been constantly failing on his quest to find true love. The problem is - he hasn't been looking for it in the right places. He dreams of having kids and raising them together with a lovely young woman, so, he needs to find that one and only girl that he can share both his bed and his whole house with.

He comes from a small townlet, Treepoint, and, even though there aren't a lot of good "candidates" out there, he did create a list with top 3 contestants. And here's the strange part: he finds himself falling in love with a very special girl, but he doesn't know her name and hasn't seen her face yet. He fell for her beautiful emails that she sends him on her notebook.

She keeps the mystery alive and always manages to dodge his pushy questions about who she actually is. However, she soon learns that you can't hide anything from Greer, because he's a Porter brother, and these guys never back down or back away from something (or, rather, someone) they truly want. It doesn't even matter that it's gonna take a miracle for him to find her: the elusive senhora that goes by KentuckyGirl will be his life partner, despite what his friends, relatives and the girl herself think.

There's no going back now - this woman will be in his arms, sooner or later. Standing His Ground is both romantic and erotic, so, if you've been looking for that magical combination of love, lust, and passion, make sure to check Standing His Ground out. It comes with a strong sexual content, violence, dirty talk and more. If you welcome all of that, then it will most certainly be worth your while.

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