Staying-For-Good-By-Catherine-BybeeWomen's fiction is one of the most popular genres in literature, simply because it talks about the values of family, the difficulties of domestic life, the struggles that the modern-day ladies go through and the infinite possibilities that wait on every corner. Zoe has been living with her fam for a while, but the fact is - she can't take it anymore.

The throttling air and the super-thin "walls" in the big-ass trailer are making her go crazy, and that's not really what she wants herself to be - a crazed out, angry person. Her two high-school best friends, Jo and Mel, were pretty much the only people around that helped her overcome all the difficulties in her life and keep her sanity. And, of course, there was Luke, her boyfriend. However, Zoe didn't just leave - she practically ran away from the little town that she was born in, leaving behind her ridiculous relatives and the shame of having a father rotting in prison.

Today, the girl is a successful chef in Dallas, and she can buy whatever she likes and afford all that fancy stuff that she used to dream of when she was just a teenager. Yet, one day, destiny forces her to go back to the insanely beautiful River Bend, her hometown, and confront everything that she abandoned all those years ago, including Luke, her high school sweetheart.

Back in the day, they were really close, but right now there's not much the two have in common. He's "anchored" by his pops, his moms and the fact that he's a mechanic in his parents' shop, and the thought of living the gorgeous townlet never even crossed his mind - until the girl returned. Staying For Good is a heart-warming and heart-wrenching romantic novel about love, loss, insecurity, being brave and facing our problems head-on.

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