Madison Faye is back, and she brought an incredibly sexy couple along with her! Stealing Beauty features a rich, powerful and handsome Prince, his brand-new Princess and the naughty love affair between the two. Magnus has it all: women, drinks, cars - all of that. He's royalty, and it comes with certain perks.

He doesn't really care if a girl is "of noble blood" or not. If he likes her, he takes her - it's that simple. He's been with more woman than he could ever count, and usually, they throw themselves at him, but Imogen is different. She's got more grace, beauty, and intellect than all of his ladies combined, and it takes him one look into those gorgeous eyes to know that he wants to have her.

She's feeling the same way about the Prince, but they were forced to wait for four weeks to finally get together and give in to the lust. She's innocent, sweet, and a bit shy, but there's so much more to her than he had initially thought. For a man like Magnus who's used to emancipated and open-minded women, an innocent girl like Imogen is like a breath of fresh air, so, nothing is going to stop him from claiming her, not her rich father, not her friends, not all those other fellas that want the same things that he does.

She's at a suitor's ball and looking for a husband, which means it's time for him to make her his queen. Stealing Beauty is one of those quick and sexy erotic novels that will give you just the right dose of naughtiness and dirtiness that you can handle. Sugary sweetness, panty-melting steam, a bad-boy slash alpha-male, an innocent beauty and a happy ending: what else is there to wish for, right?

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