stealing-snow-by-danielle-paigeLooking for that perfect fantasy adventure book for the young adults to enjoy on a quiet Sunday night? Then make sure to check out Stealing Snow, a brilliant re-imagining of a classic story. Snow, the main character of Danielle Paige's brand-new bestseller, is a 17-year-old girl who has spent most of her teenage years in a mental hospital in NY.

At the same time, she's confident that she's not nuts and this is not the place for her. And, when she meets a good-looking orderly, a mysterious man, and has a dream about a strange tree, she instantly knows that she needs to break free and learn who (or what) she really is. Bale, her best friend, helps with the distractions, and that allows Snow to escape the hospital and hide in the woods. And that's when that thin line between the real world and the fantasy world begins to blur and the girl ends up in Algid - a world filled with thieves, witches and a little boy named Kai.

The secrets start to reveal themselves to Snow faster than she can "digest" them. Soon, she realizes that she's running away from a royal lineage and that her own dad is a brutal, powerful man beyond imagination. Snow doesn't have a clue as to how to get back to the real world, but the choices that she'll make in this one will change everything.

Stealing Snow is the tale of how an innocent teenage girl becomes a queen and a hero to her people. This is an exciting, addictive fantasy story that mixes magic, adventure and romance together to create one of the best books of 2016. The fans of exciting adventures, big secrets and twists will find Stealing Snow to be an exceptional book that's worth the highest praise.

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