Historical mystery thrillers are getting more and more popular these days, and exceptional writers like Ward Larsen are pushing it to the next level. Welcome to the last days of World War II: the Nazis are losing, but they're still trying to turn the tide by planning on retrieving the nation's most important asset - a spy in America's epic Manhattan Project. So, who's going to be the spy's ticket out?

Mr. Braun, a man born in the US, with a brilliant mind, Harvard education behind his back and a vicious soul. He's a natural-born killer, perfect for this job. However, the UK intelligence agents discover the Germans' plan but fail to convince the Yanks just how big the threat is. Therefore, they decide to handle the situation on their own and send Thatcher - one of their best operatives to ever walk the Earth - to trace Braun and put him down.

Braun himself is headed to Los Alamos, the center of the project. The scientists run successful tests on Jul 16, but it's the following days that matter the most. A highly trained British intelligence agent, hell-bent on saving the world from another disaster, a ruthless killer on a mission, a German spy, and a beautiful young woman collide in this epic historical novel that will leave you speechless.

Some secrets are better kept hidden, and when the fate of the planet is about to be shaped, there's nothing these four won't do to prevail. Love, hate, duty, valor, honor and everything else in between get mixed up when the rich, multi-layered characters confront each other in this life-or-death skirmish. Ward Larsen, the author of numerous international bestsellers, did a marvelous job of combining true facts with his own take on things and delivered an adrenaline-pumping experience for the fans of fast-paced thrillers.

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