Marcus is used to having meaningless one-night stands, but this girl literally blew his mind 4 months ago, and he's been looking for her ever since. You could call her the one that got away, and just a thought of her drives the guy crazy. He can't stop fantasizing about her, but when he finally finds her (or, rather, she finds him), he starts to regret every moment of their time together.

Wait, why isn't he excited, happy, or, at least, turned on? Well, first of all, Carley is his brand-new PA, and he can't mess around with a colleague at work. Second, she turns out to be his dad's new stepdaughter, which makes her his...stepsister! Yes, she's practically family, and, even though she's hot as hell and pretty much the only woman around that Marcus wants to be with, it feels wrong to even think about her in dirty ways.

She makes him want to do something unthinkable and cross that line. All he wants to do is tear her clothes off, take the girl to his bed and do all kinds of things to her that brothers and sisters don't usually do. There are certain rules that Marcus has to follow, both at work and in his personal life, but Carley is just too fine to forget. And hey - can't a guy break the rules? At least for once?!

Step Boss is an unbelievably hot and steamy modern-day romantic novel with a dominant alpha male, a gorgeous hussy-of-a-stepsister and an Earth-scorching passion between the two. Will they make this turbulent relationship work, or are both their personal and professional lives about to "detonate"? Ash Harlow wrote an un-put-down-able page-turner that will make all the girl melt in a matter of seconds!

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