Still Alice by Lisa Genova

still-alice-genova2What would it be, if you realize that you always forget things? It will start with names, times, words? But then you will begin to forget the way home, names of friends? That scares a lot, is not it? Fear that something may be wrong, that you might be ill.

Alice is 50 and successful Harvard professor. Her husband John is a professor there. Her 3 children are now all growing up and live their lives separate from parents, Alice likes to go running, reading books and her academic work with colleagues and students.

And one day she finds out that she has an Alzheimer's disease that cannot be stopped. A disease to which no one can fight. Medication can only slow the progress of the disease.

Alice's story and a fate of her family tell us how it feels when the dreadful and unstoppable disease suddenly determined your life. How terrible it is when this invisible enemy destroys future plans and people hopes. How painful it is when your close and intelligent person slowly sinking into itself, without knowing how much he or she is changed.

Still Alice is a drama at its best. You cannot find light fare in it at all. The neurologist and writer Lisa Genova succeeded in 2007 with a great debut. Her "Still Alice" is incredibly informative and highly emotional debut novel. The author shows us how important to us is the love of a family, even if the memory disappears. If the memory is running low, the feelings still remain.

The book was written perfectly. And above all, it is written from Alice's own words. The story of Alice 'fight against the disease has touched and impressed millions of people in many countries. It is a book without much action, it describes the normal everyday life, which cannot be normal.

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