There's nothing special about Gina: she's an ordinary housewife living in the Midwest with a kind-hearted husband and two lovely kiddos. However, when a tragedy on the road opens her eyes to the fact that her husband's been killing people for the heck of it, she has no other choice but to abandon her birth name and turn into Gwen - a brand-new person who's not afraid to fight for her family.

With her man spending his days and nights in prison, the woman managed to find a proper place to stay with her children - on Stillhouse Lake. True, all the stalking, trolling and other stuff hasn't stopped, and folks keep sending her all kinds of heinous emails, claiming that she had something to do with the killings.

Yet, she hopes that her kids will finally have a chance to catch their breath and live in relative peace. But, just as things seem to go back to normal and the family begins to enjoy life in the new house, a new body is found in the lake, and the blood-chilling letters start to pile up. Gwen is not really sure who's her friend and who's her enemy, which is why she can't trust anyone but herself.

There's a killer out there who loves to terrify the mom and her children, and, if she fails to protect them, they'll become his new victims. At the same time, she's not the fragile and scared woman she used to be - Gwen has learned how to confront and fight the killer, and this time around, she might just be smart enough to outmaneuver him. Stillhouse Lake is a gripping mystery thriller with a suspenseful, nail-biting plot and a couple of shocking twists along the way. Rachel Caine delivered a modern-day classic!

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