Sting-By-Sandra-BrownAre you ready to dive into a world of corruption, lies, secrets and constant deception? A world where you can't trust anybody but yourself and every lie hides an even bigger one? Well, if you are, then Sting, a brand-new adrenaline-packed novel from Sandra Brown, a bestselling author, is exactly what you're been looking for! The genre of mystery thrillers has been around for a very long time, but Brown still managed to deliver a fresh, bold, and simply brilliant story that the true fans will most certainly appreciate.

Jodie and Shaw, the main character of Sting, first saw each other in a second-grade bar, but that was more than enough for Jodie to understand that she's in real danger. The man is there to end her life; however, the gifted businesswoman won't give up that easily. Shaw and his buddy take out their guns and the girl thinks that it's time for her to say goodbye to this world, but Shaw has something else in mind and "steals" her away.

All he cares about is getting the 30 million US dollars that Jodie's brother stashed somewhere in the middle of nowhere. But, he's not the only candidate for that money - some dangerous people are after it, not the mention the Bureau is on their tales as well. So, Jodie and Shaw are forced to run for their lives, chased by the FBI and a top-class criminal.

They'll have to work together and trust each other in order to survive this wild hunt; the question is - will they be able to do that? They are surrounded by enemies, hundreds of miles away from the big cities, but they're still trying to outwit each other. Shaw can't seem to figure out one thing: is Jodie innocent, or is she a part of the plan? Sting is the perfect blockbuster for an unforgettable evening read. It's action-packed, heart-pounding, got mighty twists, turns, and the dynamic duo of Shaw and Jodie is truly marvelous.

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