Laini Taylor, a best-selling and award-winning author, is back with a new masterpiece. In this fantasy world, the dreams choose the dreamers, and Lazlo, a lonely boy, has been thinking that his dream got everything wrong. Ever since he was a 5-year-old kid, he was pretty much "possessed" by Weep, a magical city from the fairy tales, but he never had the guts to leave everything he knew and cross half of the planet to try and find it.

But then, a wonderful opportunity comes knocking on his door. There’s a big-time hero - God-slayer - and he's got a team of top-notch warriors that fight evil. They are Lazlo's one and only chance at seizing the moment and saying goodbye to his obnoxious dream. However, nobody really knows what happened to Weep 2 centuries ago and why it's not a part of the rest of the civilization anymore.

And who did the man they call Godslayer kill to get that nickname? And finally - what kind of a problem does he need to take care of right now? Lazlo knows that he'll find all the answers in his dream city, but, the further he goes, the more questions rise. He's been dreaming of a gorgeous goddess with a blue skin, but how could she be in his dreams when he never even knew she was real?

They say that all the magical gods are gone, so, how comes she's still alive? This is an engrossing, gripping, fast-paced and powerful novel about a mysterious city and a man who's trying to make sense of his dreams and to let go of the past. Welcome to a world of love, hate, happiness, nightmares, wonders and horrors. Taylor created a unique world with its own rules, traditions, and customs, and the brilliant cast of characters makes exploring it that much more exciting.

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