strangers-in-their-own-land-by-arlie-russell-hochschildArlie Russell Hochschild, an award-winning and bestselling author, delivers a monumental study with Strangers in Their Own Land. According to various sources, this book will help you understand the changes that are going on in America right now, including the shocking win by Mr. Donald Trump. It's a smart, intelligent, witty and totally compelling study that will have its rightful place on the shelf of the best books of the decade.

Questions of policy, social equality, legislation - the author talks about it all with a certain kind of "grace" and gives the regular folks a great opportunity to dive into all the subtleties of the modern-day world. Hochschild is a sociologist, and this is her journey towards truth, faith, freedom, and openness.

She knows everything there is to know about the liberals and the conservatives, and that gives her a unique perspective on things. And, even though a lot of folks don't really understand or care about her forward-thinking ideas, she always manages to bring out the best in the American citizens and sometimes even makes them change their minds. The author talks to the everyday-Americans, the ones that have the same concerns and hopes.

They want a country that's safe for their kids, a community that is both embracing and caring, and a world that values and cherishes the concept of a family. This book is a profound "examination" of the contemporary American way of living and comes with insights on social ladders, frustration with the liberal movements, injustice, and more. Read this book if you care about the future of the once-great United States!

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