What is love? Lock, the main character of this fascinating urban romance, knows for sure that it won't earn him any street credit or put food on the table. You can't get money with love, so, what's the point of it? Therefore, when it came the time for him to "pick a side", he left love behind. And he wasn't making the decision based solely on his own judgments.

The fellas that have been there with him from day one - his cousins - mean everything to him. ZaKeyah, a gorgeous young woman, has been in love with the guy for as long as she can remember. And, just when she learned that he feels the same way about her, he disappeared into thin air. Naturally, the fact that he wasn't by her side anymore devastated the girl and she had to find a way to fix her broken heart and to move on with her life. He cut ties with her - completely - as if she did something terribly wrong.

Many years later, their passes cross again. Now, even though they both are trying to hide it, it's obvious that the feelings are still there and they both want to give their former lovers a second chance. Lock is out of the hood now and is taking care of some serious business. Tron, the girl's father, trusts the boy and lets him take full control over his enterprise.

Back in the day, it was him who made Lock pick between his love for the girl and the streetz. All he wants is to win ZaKeyah back, but what if she can't forgive him after he broke her heart? Where do they go from here and how do they find the way back into each other's arms? Streets Stole His Heart and He Stole Mine is a heart-warming and heart-breaking urban romance with just the right mix of drama, passion, love, secrets, lies, betrayals and redemption.

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