strike-force-by-dale-brownIt seems like the Patrick McLanahan series has been around for ages, but, at the same time, every single book from this long-living franchise brings more heat than most of the modern-day bestsellers. Strike Force is the 13th installment, and Dale Brown keeps rising the bar. General Buzhazi, the leader of the Iranian rebels, is running for his life.

The army of the ruthless new leader is after him, and the general cannot rely on his old friends in the military. The only thing he can do is ask General McLanahan from the American Air Force to lend him that helping hand. The president of the States doesn't want a full-on invasion into the country, so, he orders McLanahan to gather a brand-new, off-the-radar fleet of space planes. And within hours, the General and his secret army change everything in Iran and in the entire Middle-Eastern region.

America shows the world that its military space station is able of turning the tide in a matter of days, and the country's operation in Iran starts a new race - a space arms race. Furthermore, there's another uprising in the area, and a worldwide jihad is coming. McLanahan is a soldier, and he always does what he's told, but right now, the White House is divided into the ones who support the space program and those that oppose it.

So, he goes back to the fatherland and focuses on the political side of things, while Hunter, the leader of the pilots, keeps everything under control in Iran. Strike Force is a breath-taking techno-thriller for all the fans of realistic war novels set in the nearest future. Dale Brown did a fantastic job with this book and filled every single page with action, suspense, colorful characters and a strong narrative.

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