stud-farm-by-joanna-blakeJoanna Blake is not new to writing bestselling romantic novels, and when it comes to erotic stories with tons of naughty in them, she's one of the leaders of the new movement. Her books are always packed with rich, layered characters, passion, hot scenes and a great sense of humor. This is the story of Clint, a man who knows all too well how wrong it is to get sexually involved with a sweet little thing - a young, inexperienced girl - but he just can't stay away from her.

Yes, he's much older and he should turn around and leave, but that's easier said than done. Keeping his hands off her curvy body is a real challenge, and, as the man soon turns out, she's a feisty dame that craves for a strong fella like Clint to teach her a lesson. Yes, he thought that's she an innocent baby, but she's got some kink in her.

The girl's name is Pheonyx, and she's 22 years old. Plus, she's really good with horses and rides one like she was born for it. She's got a brilliant career ahead of herself, but she needs some "refinement", an experienced hand to guide her. And that's when Clint comes around. Pheonyx falls for him the second she lays eyes on the handsome, strong man, but, obviously, she keeps her feelings to herself.

However, she does get on his nerves, and that's probably her way of saying that she wants him to take her to his bed and show her how it’s done. Stud Farm is a stand-alone novel with a happy ending, no cheating, and no cliffhangers. The fans of filthy romantic novels will love Joanna Blake's new masterpiece and will appreciate the brisk writing, the gripping plot and the never-ending flow of fun, humor, sex, and love.

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